Medical Cannabis in South Dakota


In accordance with South Dakota Codified Law 34-20G-55 and South Dakota Administrative Rule 44:90:03:01, applicants for all medical cannabis establishment types must provide a certification of compliance from the local municipality or county, as applicable, ensuring the applicant’s proposed plans and location meet all local zoning and ordinance requirements.

The Local Government Compliance Certification, labelled Form E, must be filled out by the local municipality or county and returned to the applicant for submission to the state with the application. Establishment applications will not be considered complete until the Local Government Compliance Certification Form E has been received by the South Dakota Department of Health.

For applicants applying within jurisdictions that had an ordinance in place prior to October 1, applicants may submit their applications prior to the November 1 deadline without an executed Local Government Compliance Certification Form E attached to the application. The Local Government Compliance Certification Form E must be supplied to the department within 90 days of submission of the application.

The fillable form version of the local government compliance certification form is available here: Please note, you must hit “submit” to save the document. You will receive an email that will allow you to download or print the form to send to establishments for attachment to their state application.

Local Government Compliance Certification Form E – PDF Version